My commentary on Sofia the First fun facts on Facebook.

Princess Amber was born seven minutes before Prince James (and likes to remind him every day)!”

That is so hilarious oh my gosh. XD (I KNEW they were twins!)

Believe it or not there are over 3,000 diamonds and precious stones used in the creation of the royal gowns and costumes in Sofia the First…

Oh my gosh. So much detail put into this show it’s amazing! <3

Did you know that the castle of Enchancia has over 175 rooms?!

HOLY COW WHAT? Why so many?! …I wonder if King Roland ever brags about that to his buddies? Or even James and Amber for that matter. :P lol

There are 133 dresses in Princess Sofia’s closet! Can you guess which other Princess’ dress is hidden in her closet?

A. Cinderella
B. Snow White
C. Belle
D. Sleeping Beauty

(Here’s a hint: Her skin is as white as snow…)

133 DRESSES? My gosh being royalty is awesome, man. XD But I can’t find the Snowy dress… :(

Fun fact time! Can you guess the amount of gowns, costumes and tiaras that have been designed for Sofia the First?

If you guessed over 750 gowns and costumes and over 63 tiaras, you’re right!

What can we say? A girl needs options.

Apparently. XD (My guess wasn’t even close…)

Everyone must go to school and prince and princesses are no exception! Welcome to Royal Preparatory, where young royalty learn lessons in etiquette, charity and…alchemy!